Kylix SMS Server

Kylix SMS Server 2.5

Kylix SMS Server is a SMS serving software specially designed to add SMS
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Kylix SMS Server is a SMS service software specially designed to add SMS functions to other software products. With this software, you can easily incorporate the SMS service into your project. There is absolutely no need to understand the process of SMS, the development of SMS hardware equipment, the complicated AT command set and Nokia protocols, the encoding formats of PDU and Unicode, the similarity and difference of every model of hardware equipment. No need to consider your original software structure (whether B/S or C/S), the development environment(whether Java, PHP, ASP, VB, VC, C# or Delphi), and the operating system of your server (whether Windows or Linux). All you need to do is install Kylix SMS Server onto your system, connect a GSM device to a serial port of your PC that can attach the database, and run this software after configuring several simple parameters. It only costs you 10 minutes to supply your software with SMS-based communication functions and makes your whole system communicating in a more quick and effective way.

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